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88 Canadian Trailer & Red Carpet Premiere

**Red Carpet Premieres feature Q&A with Katharine Isabelle, April Mullen and Tim Doiron**

Toronto – Cineplex Yonge and Dundas **RED CARPET PREMIERE – MAY 8TH**
St. Catharines – Landmark Cinemas 10 Pen Centre**RED CARPET PREMIERE – MAY 9TH**
Vancouver (New Westminister) – Landmark Cinemas New Westminister
Kanata – Landmark Cinemas 24

Whitby – Landmark Cinemas 24
Kanata – Landmark Cinemas 24
Orleans – Landmark Cinemas 10
Kingston – Landmark Cinemas 10
Waterloo – Landmark Cinemas 10
London – Landmark Cinemas 8
Hamilton – Landmark Cinemas 6 Jackson Square**RED CARPET PREMIERE – MAY 6TH**

Calgary – Landmark Cinemas 16 IMAX Country Hills
Calgary – Landmark Cinemas 10 EXTRA Shawnessy
Edmonton – Landmark Cinemas 9 City Centre

Columbia Cranbrook – Landmark Cinemas 5
New Westminister – Landmark Cinemas 10
Kelowna – Landmark Cinemas Paramount Kelowna
Kamloops – Landmark Cinemas Paramount Kamloops
Nanaimo – Landmark Cinemas 8 Avalon Nanaimo
Courtenay – Landmarks Cinemas Rialto Courtenay
Campbell River – Landmark Cinemas 5 Showcase Campbell River
Penticton – Landmark Cinemas 7

Winnipeg – Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park

Some pics from Glasgow FrightFest 15

Check out these pics from Glasgow FrightFest 15

Check it out!

Glasgow was a blast and such a huge success! These are pics from the Q&A with our very own Tim Doiron. We would like to thank everyone involved in this amazing experience.

Right the lightning!

“88″ to be featured at Glasgow’s FrightFest

The line up to the FrightFest was announced last week, and Wango Film’s 88 was included on the bill. When Games Radar broke the story, it listed 88 as one of the most anticipated titles of the entire event.

“Particularly exciting is the world premiere of 88. Directed by April Mullen and starring horror fave Katharine Isabelle, it’s described as a ‘fast-paced homage to cult exploitation revenge thrillers.’”


UK here we come!

See what Christopher Lloyd said about working on “88″

Under the Radar recently caught up with Christopher Lloyd and asked about his experience on set Wango’s newest flick, 88.

Yeah, I like working with both of them [Mullen and filmmaking partner Tim Doiron] very much. They work very well together, and they write very good scripts. She directs, he takes on the producing part of it. They’re just a joy to work with. They know what they’re doing, and they’re very professional. It’s great.
-Christopher Lloyd

Read more at here.

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“88″ gets perfect score on CrypticRock

“88″ earns 5 out of 5 on

Often ingenious, 88 is bleak, exciting and insightful.

Occasionally confusing, but often ingenious, 88 is bleak, exciting and insightful. Isabelle once again shows she is not afraid to take edgy roles, even if it means appearing unglamorous. She does an amazing job showing a visceral emptiness to Gwen. Gwen has a raw pain that is palpable by the end of the story and that will leave tears in the viewer’s eyes. Using similar story elements from films such as Fractured (2013) and The Machinest (2004), 88 is one Psychological Horror not to miss. All of the pieces of the puzzle come together eloquently, leaving the viewer feeling complete but sad. A magical film with plenty of blood and gore to please most Horror fans and enough mind bending plot twists for the rest. Make 88 the first horror movie you watch in 2015. CrypticRock scores 88 5 out of 5.


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